Data Quality

Data are the center of organization’s bussiness strategic decisions, of high-risk transactions and offers competitive advantage. In order to maximize the value of this bussiness essencial information, your company needs a sollution that ensures generation of high quality data, suited to your bussiness’ needs.

Data Quality from Syncsort certifies that your most critical data assets are correct, complete and aligned with your goals. Our technology is projected to quickly deploy data quality proccess, with quality and sustaining collaboration over IT and bussiness teams all over the company.

With a solution specialist in Data Quality, we can offer cleasing, standardizing, correlation and enrichment capability to any kind of data. Trillium charts susteinable bussiness proccess that helps improve, evaluate, manage and keep continually track, over ensuring that the Information is trusted and right for its reason.


Syncsort provides abilities to:

1. Generate insights and interactions from your global bussiness data assets

Create unique visualizations from your clients and provide real-time data updates in order to support directed initiatives in areas as marketing, fidelization programmes and communication with your cliente;

Standardize data from products and suppliers, in order to maximize chain supply efficiency and ensure a precise inventory management;

Manage closely financial data, in compliance with strict industry rules and create trackable and auditable data quality proccess,

Modify or enlarge your Syncsort Software anytime so you can manage new data requirements and stablish new bussiness goals on your department or organization.


2. Improve operational efficiency with IT teams

Envision and evaluate the condition of your data, create bussiness rules;

Depoly existing applications and opperational systems, avoiding in this way the complex installation;

Process millions of global records in real time or during a data migration and reduce the time spent on manual analysis and on remediation,

Hygienize, standardize, analize and combine multinational data in order to support consistente corporative patterns and bussiness proccess in diferente regions.

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