DataOps (Agile Data Engineering)

Dataops is a new agile engineering approach to data lifecycle and analytics, it focuses on data management practices, quality and processes that increase speed and analytical accuracy, including data access, quality control, Code governance, automation, integration and availability of analytical and machine-learning models.

Just as DevOps emerged bringing greater control and agility to software development, Dataops is born from the same philosophy with a focus on data and analytics, reducing costs and giving a speed jump in generating insights and answers to business issues .

Based on Lean methodology, Dataops uses statistical process controls to monitor and control the data analysis pipeline, producing remarkable improvements in efficiency and quality.

Through multidisciplinary teams that involve engineers, architects, data scientists, quality specialists and business analysts, our services rely on market-leading solutions that automate and control the entire production cycle of Data and analytics in a development pipeline integrated into the environment of our on-premise and/or cloud clients (proprietary and/or public). At the end of each cycle, products are made available in containers, containing from qualified and enriched datasets to analytical models and dashboards (with diagnostic, deive and/or predictive analysis).

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