Information Value Management & Governance

To gain sustainable competitive advantage it is important that data and information assets are controlled, operationalized and scalable.

Our Information Value Management & Data Governance services include:

Assessment – Conducting an evaluation process focused on generating an actionable roadmap outlining the customized plan of your company and taking advantage of what already exists in the organization.

Creation of the business case-in this classic scenario of "where I start ", it is more important to understand what is ' good ' to develop a governance strategy appropriate to the purpose, through a Business Case that results in executive support.

Organizational Design & Governance Operating Model-establish the basic components of an information governance program, then begin execution against the model, establishing a baseline and improving the quality of data focused on Critical data elements for a pilot.

Technology evaluation, implementation and optimization-establish data quality, automation and workflows gathering, specification development, sizing, architectural design and training plan.

Business process Innovation-Define and map existing business processes to the executive KPIs within the organization and from this point decompose the processes and design an improvement roadmap through data management.

Business transformation Planning and execution – the data has already proven to be a strategic asset for business transformations and have become instrumental in planning and executing business improvement and growth models.

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