Visual Analytics

Having access to complete, secure and intuitive information through the use of cognitive solutions, dashboards and visual reports, anytime, anywhere makes it imperative to take action and make tactical and strategic decisions at the right time to achieve better business results.

Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning, supported by interactive visual interfaces. Currently, data is produced at an incredible speed increasing the ability to collect and store data at a rate faster than the ability to analyze them.

Visual analysis methods allow decision makers to combine their knowledge, creativity and flexibility with the enormous data volume and processing capabilities of today's computers to gain the insight necessary to solve complex business problems.

Using advanced visual interfaces, users can interact directly with data analysis capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Our services provide assertive analysis and accurate answers to business questions, considering:

  • Decision Flow - Business answers generate new questions that must be anticipated and inserted within an agile and efficient decision flow.
  • User experience - Usability of the solution should be focused on people and their challenges.
  • Assertive Data - Agile data processing processes that provide speed and truthfulness of information regardless of its variety and volume.
  • Reliability - Focus on data quality control that underlies business decisions.
  • Analyzes - Deive analyzes answer what happened, diagnostic because it occurred and predicted what will happen in a given scenario.
  • Security - Right information for the right people within an organization.
  • Governance - Control and orchestration of data processes, dashboards and reports.
  • Self-Service - Ease of research and generation of answers to new user questions.

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